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Why Choose Advanced Body Scan?

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll get from knowing you’re not at risk for disease or detecting a condition so early that you're able to get treatment before the disease strikes. We want to help you take care of your health. Our detailed CT scans can give you the invaluable knowledge that you need to secure the best long-term outcomes for yourself!

  • Anita Skelton

    "I'm thinking I hope [my husband] is ok, because he has heart problems in his family... we got a call and it was about me... I had a right kidney full of cancer and i was symptom free..."

  • Tina Shaver

    "I had 90% blockage in the front [of my heart] and 70% in the back. And I had no idea any of this was even going on. So it was quite a surprise very shocking..." 

  • Tim Todd

    "I eat right. I work out. All my life, I've been super healthy...I was blindsided. That I had these issues." Our scan showed 99 percent blockage in Tim's Widow-Maker Artery.